Our Quests » Art with me! Vienna – Wien – Вена

If you wish to explore art with me – but at your own pace – then my quest tours, which can be completed in the Questeri app, are perfect for you!

In each quest, I introduce you to 20 works of art, so that you can enjoy them in the exhibition and find the answers to my moderately tricky questions.

All of the objects in the quest are linked by a common theme, e.g. “love and war” or “mysticism and magic”. This allows you to gather information about exciting museum masterpieces and to move easily from the mobile app to your art knowledge base.

Our quests are ideal for a playful introduction to a museum’s collection or the architecture of a city. For the truly curious, there is an additional commentary on each object and, depending on your level of involvement, the quest can be a blitz introduction to the ”best of”, an entertaining game or an immersion into the fascinating world of art.

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