The Big Tour of Gustav Klimt’s Art in Vienna. Three Museums in One Tour

This tour is great for those who would like to get a full understanding of Klimt’s art by visiting the three museums that exhibit his most prominent works.

First, we will visit the Belvedere Palace. This is where you can see The Kiss and Judith, the most famous paintings of the vivid “Golden Period”. The Kiss is one of the most iconic tourist landmarks of the city, and we begin our tour at the Belvedere to see this canvas with our own eyes and to understand the historical context and origins of Gustav Klimt.

After that, we will go to the exhibition hall of the Secession, an Association of Visual Artists, to see Klimt’s biggest work, the Beethoven Frieze. This is the only work by this artist that purposely fully surrounds the viewer, which means that this is your chance to become one with art. The Secession installation is Klimt as is, and you will be able to experience that.

Our third stop is the Leopold Museum in the Museumsquartier. Here, we’ll find Death and Life. The characters of this painting used to glimmer with gold until Klimt personally removed all the plating. The artist reworked his painting, which was an important symbolic act. We will examine this canvas in detail to understand why it was so significant for his artistic career. We are also going to have a look at Klimt’s landscapes to see his maturity and complete our tour of his artistic inheritance.

The trip from the Belvedere Palace to the Secession will take 5 minutes by taxi and is included in the price of the tour. The Leopold Museum is situated within a 5-minute walk from the Secession.


Belvedere Palace
Leopold Museum
3,5 hours
380 € per group
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