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At Art Smart, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality museum tours and ultra-personalized service. Here are ten reasons to trust us with your next museum or gallery visit:

1. Elite Service
You anticipate the highest level of service, and we are delighted to deliver it.

2. The right team
Our carefully selected art guides are professional art historians whose warmth and personality match Art Smart’s commitment to conversational, inviting, and interactive tours.
3. We go beyond the highlights

Your Art Smart tour will be built around your interests, curiosity, and passions. We are experts at combining the must-see attractions with hand-picked hidden gems that provide a one-of-a-kind blend suited to your tastes.

4. Flexible scheduling

You choose the time—whether it’s a two-hour tour, a full-day program, or a multi-day excursion—and we will make the most of it.
5. Versatility

Because of our independence and our team’s diverse expertise, we are able to offer exceptional tours in a wide variety of museums.

6. All ages welcome
We accommodate children and families with tours that are fun, fast-paced, and playful. Of course, we also lead outstanding excursions for adults.

7. Easy access
We never spend our time waiting in line because our museum relationships allow us to handle ticketing in advance, even for special exhibitions.

8. Short notice? No problem
We realize that requests often come in last minute; we do our best to fill these requests.

9. Large group? Still no problem
For larger groups, we provide extra guides so that each touring group has no more than 15 people or so. Everyone will have time and space to talk, ask questions, and enjoy an exceptional cultural experience.

10. After the tour
For select clients, we can provide gallery shopping and art acquisition assistance via Art Smart Advisory. We also can connect you with art treasures abroad through Art Smart Travels.
To Book Your Tour

Give us a call at 212-595-4444, or send us an email. We’ll talk about what interests you about art and culture and start building the perfect tour just for you. At any step of the process, please let us know how we can customize the tour to the interests of you and yours.[:]

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