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Customised Art Experiences in Vienna

Art with me! tours in Vienna are intellectual journeys to the treasures and secrets of art. You are guided by a professional art historian, who offers in-depth, entertaining and unique experiences to those who want to see works of art from different perspectives.

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Get an overview on all major art museums and exhibition halls in Vienna with a brief description of their collections.

Why our tours are different?

Art with me! offers curated & top-quality museum tours in Vienna for the intellectually curious, with a perspective on art through the prism of history, anthropology or economics with scientific validity, but in the entertaining manner of a talk show. Take advantage of your personal art expert engaging you with art in a highly professional, and yet relaxed and spontaneous style.

Julia Abramova

An art historian, curator and museum educator with whom you will enjoy discovering new horizons of art world.

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Where to see the works of Klimt in Vienna, what kind of exhibition is held in Albertina and what non-tourist excursion is worth going to.

Recommendations & Reviews

We enjoyed a lot this private tour. The guide was very interesting and very knowledgeable. She adapted to all our constraints and to what we wanted to see. She could answer to all our questions. Plus she was charming and very friendly.


Julia was extremely well informed . She put the art of Klimt period in a larger Context which was very interesting. Julia answered questions and engaged us as well. It was a great experience with a capable and charming guide. I must add her English is great.


Трипадвайзер лого
Explaining Austria’s artistic heritage within its unique historical and cultural context. Our expert guide, Ms Julia Abramova, explained Austria’s priceless artistic heritage within its unique, historical and cultural context.

Mark M.

Трипадвайзер лого
Must! We have traveled the world to see the greatest masterpieces and have enjoyed tours by many. This tour is without a doubt one of the best we ever had. She’s passionate, knowledgeable, & intriguing in every way. This wasn’t our first visit to the museum, the second time with her was definitely more memorable. Highly recommended. Looking forward to our next tour with her in this great city of Art.


Трипадвайзер лого
Excellent tour! It was a fantastic experience, and most outstanding part was our guide, Julia. So knowledgeable, with a witty sense of humor and also responded to what our interests are. Would highly recommend!

John S.

My guide, Julia, used the museum’s guidemap as a handy rubrik to explain an enlightening thesis to these questions. Her mini iPad was at the ready to broaden our journey with examples that cross reference an artwork with others and provide context. She personalized the talk with a few questions to start. In response, I requested Bronzino as a dessert course. Highly recommended! Also, there’s a turqoise hippo.


I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and in depth Art history provided by Julia. It was an extremely memorable experience for me. It totally enriched my enjoyment of the amazing Schiele artworks. I felt emotionally uplifted by the interesting talk which was very wide ranging and thought provoking. I really now would like to study to become an Art Historian !!


Трипадвайзер лого
Immersive experience! When I was reading the description of this tour in the Leopold Museum I was immediately sure that this would not be just another guided tour through a museum. And when I met Julia and we started off it was like completely immersing yourself in the context of art and its various meanings and impacts. Julia was so engaging, knowledgeable and unconventional; she has given me so many new pieces of the puzzle that my already trained „artistic mind“ desperately needed. Highly recommended!

Marcia B.

Трипадвайзер лого
Our tour with Julia in the Belvedere Museum was wonderful. It was great to have such an in-depth art experience. Julia has obviously a true passion both for art and history. We are very thankful that she shared her passion and her knowledge so very generously with us. Thank you!

Iris T.

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