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Art with me! tours in Vienna are intellectual journeys to the treasures and secrets of art. You are guided by a professional art historian, who offers in-depth, entertaining and unique experiences to those who want to see works of art from different perspectives.

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Get an overview on all major art museums and exhibition halls in Vienna with a brief description of their collections.

Why our tours are different?

Art with me! offers curated & top-quality museum tours in Vienna for the intellectually curious, with a perspective on art through the prism of history, anthropology or economics with scientific validity, but in the entertaining manner of a talk show. Take advantage of your personal art expert engaging you with art in a highly professional, and yet relaxed and spontaneous style.

Julia Abramova

An art historian, curator and museum educator with whom you will enjoy discovering new horizons of art world.

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Where to see the works of Klimt in Vienna, what kind of exhibition is held in Albertina and what non-tourist excursion is worth going to.

Recommendations & Reviews

Suddenly you begin to see works of art from an angle you never thought of before...

Zina Lourie

Трипадвайзер лого
It was a very interesting mix of pieces of information from history, medicine, art therapy... We liked it very much and I got a very new feeling for great art and I absolutely recommend our knowledgeable and passionate guide.

Francesca S.

Трипадвайзер лого
Julia's background is in art history but her knowledge is superior and goes much beyond this. She had an answer to every my question and they were not related just to the art or to the specific masterpiece. For me, our tours were more than just the guide tours, more like exchange of opinions about the art, history, presence, culture, trends, philosophy, psychology, sociology... All of this in one tour and I was delighted.

Flora B.

The tour went very well! It is not just that the guide knows a lot, but that she is also an excellent analyst of the information and is able to engage the person in the process of research. The result is not just a tour, but a certain transformation of consciousness, an immersion.


Julia is the best art guide I have ever met. While we love to go to exhibitions and we have experience with good guides. Julia's class, education, interest and understanding of different aspects of painting is immediately apparent.

Elena A.

Julia made us look at many aspects of painting from a completely different perspective. A professional art historian's tour, but also very lively and entertaining.


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