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A well-chosen tour is the key to an unforgettable museum experience. I am always glad to answer any questions, both about the content of each particular art tour, as well as about organisational details or special requests.

Questions and Answers

1. How can I book a tour?

The easiest way to book is by filling in the booking form on the respective page of your chosen art tour. You can also send a message to +43 681 10630689 or by e-mail.

2. Are museum entrance tickets included?

Museum admission tickets have to be purchased in addition to the tour. You can either buy them by yourself or add to your order. We’ll get your tickets ahead of time for you with no commission.

3. Can I come to the tour with children?

All tours are designed for adults. If you consider that a certain tour topic may be interesting for your kids, take them with you, but it may be hard for visitors under 14 to comprehend.

4. Can you pick us up from the hotel?

We meet in front of the museum if you have booked an option with museum entrance included. We meet inside the museum if you buy the entrance tickets by yourself. After your booking confirmationyou will receive a detailed information about our meeting place.

5. How do I pay?

When booking through the form you can pay via Paypal or choose to the “pay in cash” option. You can also request payment by credit card or bank transfer.

6. Can I join a group?

All our tours are private, so each tour is arranged just for you and yours. It is important that we don’t just tell you about the artworks, but that we create a wider context of fully experiencing art. It does not work in a group of strangers.

7. Can you combine two or three themes and make “the best of” selection?

Each topic requires its time. I can insert blocks from related themes, for example, in the tour about women to talk about the role of hair colour from the tour about beauty. However, for a better experience, I recommend keeping the focus on one theme.

8. Can I order an art tour for more than four people?

Yes, some tours are conducted for bigger groups. Additional people and/or additional time have an additional fee.

Your question is not answered? I am happy to hear from you!

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