Условия оказания образовательно-экскурсионных услуг Art with me!

General Terms and Conditions for museum tours offered by:

Art with me! e.U. 
Julia Abramova, Owner
Kleistgasse 28/27
1030 Vienna, Austria
P +4368110630689
Company registration number: FN 466888a

These Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between Art with me! (also referred to as the guide ) and the client.

1. Exclusion of liability for art tours
For all tours organized by Art with me! shall apply that participation is at the client’s own risk and no liability can be assumed by Art with me!.

2. Communication
By placing an order the client agrees to receive messages regarding the order from Art with me! via SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail.

3. Our contract with you
After booking a tour on-line or via SMS, WhatsApp,Telegram or e-mail the client will receive a confirmation in writing (via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail). On receipt of the confirmation of order the booking is effective, and the present Terms and Conditions are recognized.

3. Alterations
Any alterations to data specified in the confirmation of order – e.g., number of guests, tour start point, length of tour, etc. – must be notified as soon as possible.

4. Duration 
All tours have duration specified in the description of the tour. This duration is to be adhered with an accuracy of 15 minutes.

5. Content
Every tour is aimed to disclose a certain topic on hand of museums objects specified in the description. However Art with me! takes no responsibility if any of the advertised art works are temporary absent from the exposition and takes the liberty to offer a replacement suitable by the subject, collection or style.

6. Number of participants
For tours, the number of participants should not exceed the number specified in description. Exclusions are to made only on special request.

7. Children and teens
All participants have to be at least 13 years old. Exceptions are being made only upon special request.

8. Museums house rules
All tours take place at the ground of museums and the house rules of the respective museum are applied to all participants.

9. Cancellation

  • Cancellation up to 24 hours is free of charge. Cancellation fee of 100% is charged if cancelled 1 day or less before the event
  • No cancellation fee will be charged, if the tour cannot take place for reasons of force majeure (e.g. strike, accident, natural disaster, or an international crisis).
  • In the event that the guide is unable to fulfill the contract to due unforeseen illness, traffic or an accident, the payment will be fully refunded and no replacement will be provided. Further compensation cannot be claimed.

10. Waiting period

Late arrival of the Client:
The guide will wait at the start point  for up to 15 minutes from the fixed start time of the tour. If the delay can be foreseen, the client must inform the guide on mobile phone +4368110630689. In the case of a delay the duration of the tour will not be automatically extended. The lateness of more than 15 minutes without notice is treated as last-minute cancellation and is non-refundable. 

Late arrival of the guide:
If the guide is late (which may occur under adverse circumstances) the client shall feel obliged to wait for up to 15 minutes. The duration of the tour will be adhered. Further compensation cannot be claimed.

10. Payment

By choosing the “payment on arrival” option the client agrees to pay the full amount in cash. Payment must be made before the start of the tour. The client can receive a confirmation of the payment on request.

Bank drafts:
Payment must be made within 2 weeks on receipt of the invoice and free of charge for the payee.

International payment systems:  
Payment data protection and payment security are ensured by the chosen payment system (such as Paypal, Revolut, Stripe, etc.). Artwithme acts solely as the recipient of the payment, Artwithme does not receive the customer’s payment data and is not responsible for their security.

11. Recordings 
Audio and video recordings during the tours are strictly prohibited.

12. Copyright
All tours including the content, their descriptions and illustrating materials are subject to copyright and other laws pertaining to the protection of intellectual property. They may not be used in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without prior consent of the author(s).

13. Logo
Third-party use of the logo of Art with me! is subject to our explicit permission and to an agreement in writing.

14. Jurisdiction 
The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

Terms governing the use of our Website services

1. Website contents
Art with me! would like to stress that the use of this website artwithme.at is at your own risk. Art with me! will ensure the correctness of the contents of this website to the best of their knowledge and belief. However, Art with me! does not assume liability for the relevance, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. Art with me! shall not be liable for any materialistic or non-materialistic damage caused in whole or Art with me! part by using or not using the information provided on the Website, or by using incorrect or incomplete information, unless willful or grossly negligent fault on the part of Art with me! can be demonstrated.

2. References and links
Art with me! accepts no liability for third party websites directly or indirectly referred to on this Website (links).

3. Data protection
This Website offers the opportunity to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses). The user provides such data expressly voluntarily.

The data provided by the user will be processed confidentially and in compliance with the Data Protection Act in its relevant form, unless there is a legal necessity to defend any rights or property of Art with me! or to protect the interests of other users. → “Privacy Policy” (Datenschutzerklärung)

4. Changed terms
In the event that one or several of the provisions of these Terms are invalid wholly or in part, this shall not affect the contents and validity of the remaining provisions of the document.

Vienna, in March 2020

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