Julia Abramova — art historian, curator and art guide in Vienna

Julia Abramova

Art Historian, Museum Educator, Curator

For almost 25 years I have been trying to answer the question: “What art gives to those who look at it”?

A temporary distraction or a profound insight?

Involvement in another world or a change of perspective on your own daily life?

Encountering the diversity of human expression or the impulse to find your own way?

While I was looking for answers, I curated and organised art exhibitions in the most exiting places, from emerging art spaces to the prestigious Biennale.

While conducting filming for TV, I spent several years documenting famous collections of museums like the Tate Modern in London or the Guggenheim Museum in New York. And as a member of a striving cultural organisation, I studied the best of museum practices of leading European and U.S. institutions.

I hold a master-level degree in Art History, yet my experience has taught me that Art History alone – however fascinating it may be – can only offer a one-sided view on art. But if you change your perspective slightly and add bits and pieces of evolutionary psychology, anthropology, economics and some of the latest news to it, you can find much more meaningful answers to the questions with which art challenges us.

My curated art tours transform every museum visit into a thought-provoking and entertaining experience – which makes life much more exciting.

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