Art with me! The concept of curated art experiences in museums

Art with me! offers exclusive tours and excursions based on the concept that every museum is an infinite collection of ideas, feelings, questions, and answers.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to art, style, technique, and artistic processes are important. Nevertheless, what matters the most is what we understand and experience when seeing works of art. It depends on each person’s motivation for visiting a museum.

This is why each of our art tours is a museum excursion centred around a certain topic, and it is important that you pick the subject that you find truly engaging.

It means that if our visit to the Belvedere is devoted to the subject matter of national identity in Austrian art, we will discuss Klimt’s Kiss from a different perspective than if we were on a tour on Viennese Art Nouveau. If we are seeking to answer how paintings end up on lists of masterpieces, we will talk about Raphael’s approach to composition and with the theme of women’s roles in art we will try to understand why Madonna is a virgin and a mother at the same time.

I strive to convey unexpected interpretations of works of art, which is why my art tours represent different perspectives on famous and less known artefacts. Moving from one perspective to another and employing knowledge from different areas, such as sociology, psychology, and the economy, makes each museum trip a venturous search for meanings.

Art with me! tours are:

a narrative participatory experience
a new perspective on art
answers to your questions
walking seminars
making museum pieces meaningful to you
curated tours tailored to your specific interests
not an attempt to make you an art critic
not a retelling of the artists’ biographies
not bewitching you with pretentious adjectives
not simply listing artists’ workshop connections
not describing what you already see by yourself

Would you like to give it a try?

I care to show you a more exciting, substantial, and vehement way of experiencing art.

Julia Abramova

Art Historian, Museum Educator, Curator

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