Family Tour of the Belvedere Art Gallery in Vienna

See the most striking works of Austrian art and let me make your Belvedere visit to the unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Iconic works of art

In each section of the collection, from Gothic to Modernism, we’ll discuss a work, including Messerschmidt’s “Character Heads,” David’s “Napoleon on the Pass of Saint Bernard,” and, of course, “The Kiss“ by Gustav Klimt. And at each work, you’ll see what they tell us about Austria’s past and how it relates to the present. And to make our experience not only informative but also emotional, be ready for hands-on experiences.

Art in a playful way

The main goal of this tour is to familiarise your kids (and you) with famous paintings and sculptures. But what’s even more important is to try different ways of building a connection with art. So you will not only look, but also draw, touch, smell, and pose. You will experience art with all your senses!

Everyone participates!

During the tour, we will draw parallels between the museum’s exhibits and examples of contemporary visual culture. At the beginning of our tour, your every child will receive a copy of Art with me! Activity Book. This will not only help them remember what they see, but also encourage them to interact with the artwork. However to make it even more interesting for your children, you can also take your family portrait or a photograph of a painting hanging in your living room or children’s room on the tour.

This tour is both family fun and a multifaceted art experience for children and adults alike, so be prepared to go beyond sightseeing.


музеи веныBelvedere Palace (The Upper Belvedere)
Permanent Collection
1,5 hours
A family of 2-5 people |
Ages 6 and up
200 € per group
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