Everything You Wanted to Know about Egon Schiele but Were Afraid to Ask. Private Tour

When talking about the paintings and drawings of Egon Schiele, the most prominent Viennese expressionist, people often use “scandalous” as an epithet. Even though museum halls and media spaces hardly lack provocative images nowadays, Schiele’s works were censored even in the 21st century in Europe, which is hard to believe.

Currently, the biggest collection of Schiele’s canvases belongs to the Leopold Museum in the Museumsquartier. Here, you can find his portraits and self-portraits, still lives, and landscapes from all the periods of his artistic career.

This is why the halls of this museum are perfect for a crash course on Schiele’s art and the hot topics of the 20th-century art. Some of them are a fine line between art and pornography, the inherence of the artist’s personality and their art, and the particularities of the objective and subjective value of art.

This tour isn’t focused on the biography of Schiele, even though the influence of different life events is visible in all of his works. We will employ Schiele’s paintings and drawings to analyse and interpret the art of the 20th century. This art tour will help you find your personal approach to Schiele’s art and the art of any painter of modern and contemporary times.


Leopold Museum
Schiele’s exposition
1,5 hours
180 € с per group
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