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Museums and art galleries display numerous images of women; some of them are naked, others are exquisitely dressed, some are realistic, others are excessively idealised. Would you like to understand who these attractive ladies are, be it brides, mothers, criminals, or heroines, and what they can tell us?

During this tour, you will get the most unexpected and profound answers to these questions. We are not going to look into the biographies of women depicted in famous canvases, but rather try to see the cultural attitudes conveyed by world-class masterpieces. It won’t just be the paintings that help us on our journey but also quotes from antique tragedies, excerpts from sociological research studies, and society column publications of the last few years.

Titian’s and Bellini’s canvases will reveal to us why Diana is usually depicted naked and how it is linked to little girls’ love for ponies and unicorns. The collection of Venetian and Florentine art will help us understand why Venetian courtesans look at us with such pride, while saints humbly look down.

Raphael’s and Perugino’s Madonnas will tell us how the Holy Scripture set forth the moral standards through the depiction of women in paintings, while the portraits of Spanish princesses by Velasquez shows us the allowed depth of a neckline for women in power that remains valid today.

This art tour is ideal for those who wish to see classical masterpieces from a new perspective.


Vienna Museum of Art History
(Kunsthistorisches Museum)
Picture gallery
2 hours
260 € per group
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