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The Belvedere is a majestic palace complex of international significance. However, it wouldn’t be enough to just say that it is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, an exhibition hall for a valuable pictorial art collection, or an historical park. The Belvedere is the embodiment of the system of sentiments of the Baroque era.

During this art tour, we will take into consideration the architecture, the collection of art, and the park since each one of these components is indispensable if you want to experience and understand the art of enjoying life when you can afford anything.

We will discover the Lower Belvedere, the greenhouse, all the gardens, including the Chamber Garden and the former menagerie, and reach the Upper Belvedere.

The majority of historical buildings are currently used for modern-day exhibitions, and we will delve into them. We will also examine the wonderfully preserved historical interior design of both palaces.

We will pay special attention to the collection of the National Gallery of Art in the Upper Belvedere where one can find the paintings by iconic Austrian painters, such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, as well as the canvases by famous French impressionists Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir.

The Belvedere is the only Baroque complex in Austria that has still preserved its original appearance. Throughout this art tour, we will try to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere that has been carefully sustained here and to understand the link between that time and ours.


The Belvedere palace complex
Lower Belvedere, Upper Belvedere, Parks
3,5-4 hours
375 € per group
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