A Tour of the Masterpieces of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

The galleries of the Belvedere Palace keep paintings and sculptures reflecting different aspects of Austrians’ identity. If you would like to find out what art can tell you about Vienna becoming the musical mecca of the world, the homeland of psychoanalysis, and a diplomatic capital, this art tour is for you.

The Belvedere carries the proud title of the National Gallery of Art since its exhibition is mostly comprised of the paintings and sculptures created in Austria from the Middle Ages to the present day. Any work of art is a window to the era when it was made. It bears the mark of the spiritual world of its creator and the people who admired or despised it. I invite you to visit the Belvedere to gain a deeper understanding of Austria and the national character of its citizens through art.

Thanks to Klimt’s Judith and The Kiss, we will see why Vienna was the city where medicine focused on female sexuality for the first time, while the nervous sensuality of Egon Schiele’s canvases will tell us about the relationship between art and psychoanalysis.

History paintings commissioned by the representatives of the Habsburg royal family, such as Maximilian I or Franz Joseph, will show us the Austrian way of historical cherry-picking. The Baroque decor of the palace that frequently focuses on antique narratives will help us understand the origins of the imperial atmosphere experienced by every person visiting Vienna.

The gold plating of medieval altars and Klimt’s masterpieces, the sparks of the intellectual life gleaming through the sombre canvases by Schiele and Kokoschka… What is it that makes the collection of this palace shine for real? Together, we will look into the most prominent paintings exhibited here and get closer to understanding the different guises of this country and this city.


Belvedere Palace
(The Upper Belvedere)
Permanent collection
2,5 hours
295 € per group up to 4 people
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