Embodying Power and Faith: A Tour of the Imperial Treasury in Hofburg

The Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, a chasuble of the Order of the Golden Fleece, and Charlemagne’s Bible witnessed European history and are now preserved in Vienna as ultimate valuables. However, the Imperial Treasury is more than just a repository for crowns, sceptres, mantles, and vestments. I invite you to visit all its halls to see unique artefacts and understand what makes the decorum of power.

We will dwell on the symbols of the Imperial Crown of Austria to figure out the components of the main headwear of rulers. For example, we will learn that some crowns have spikes, while others only feature bows. When comparing this crown to the so-called Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, you will understand the differences between artificially designed symbols and the historical ones.

Mantles coming from different eras will tell us why the colour of power hasn’t changed in Western culture for centuries, and why we always choose dark red.

Century-old coronation shoes made of samite and decorated with sapphires and emeralds will offer you a rare opportunity to see a masterpiece of the Nobiles Officinae, a royal workshop. However, it’s not just a historic treasure, it is also proof of how important it was for a leader to stand head and shoulders above everyone else, in every sense.

You will learn the curious origins of armorial bearings, such as a two-headed eagle or a serpent holding a baby in its mouth. You will see how old symbols become integrated into modern-day life and recognise some popular brand logos among them.

Historical regalia incorporate the values of society, and preserved in the Imperial Treasury, they can tell us many things about their time and ours.


Imperial Treasury
All collections
2,5 hours
иконка тестыOptionally, in an interactive format
280 € per group
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