Private Tour of the Masterpieces of the Museum of Art History

The Museum of Art History in Vienna is filled with famous paintings and sculptures. Some art pieces by Titian, Raphael and Bruegel are among the must-know world art treasures.

On this tour you will see the masterpieces of all collections of the Museum of Art History, but you also can learn more than just “Artist, Style, Subject”. Take your chance to understand why these particular works of art, and not the seemingly comparable works next to them, are considered must-see masterpieces today.

We will find out where the apparent and true genius of the top masterpieces resides. You will know whether it is about the technique, the special “atmosphere”, skilful marketing or a homage to the established cultural tradition.

During this tour, you will become acquainted with the prominent works of art exhibited in the Vienna Museum of Art History and understand what is most significant in the must-see works and how to look at them so that you can gain more insight.


иконка музей искусстваVienna Museum of Art History
(Kunsthistorisches Museum)
All collections
время экскурсии3-5 hours
иконка группа 11-4
360 € for 3 hours
430 € for 4 hours
520 € for 5 hours
иконка билет 1Entrance tickets not included. You can buy them by yourself or add them to your order

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Insightful art viewing

“The tour allowed us the opportunity to see all we wanted to see without being overwhelmed. Our guide Julia gave us a lot of insight into the different art we were looking at and why it was important. Definitely a learning experience”, Jeffrey H, on the Viator


“We have traveled the world to see the greatest masterpieces and have enjoyed tours by many. This tour is without a doubt one of the best we ever had. She’s passionate, knowledgeable, & intriguing in every way. This wasn’t our first visit to the museum, the second time with her was definitely more memorable. Highly recommended. Looking forward to our next tour with her in this great city of Art”, Khalifa A, on the TripAdviser

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