Private tour of the Masterpieces of the Vienna Museum of Art History

The Museum of Art History in Vienna is filled with world-famous paintings and sculptures. Some of the most prominent works found in this museum belong to such artists as Titian, Bruegel, and Raphael, whose names are familiar to most people.

To make it easier for the viewers to navigate art collections, experts compose lists of must-see masterpieces over and over again. This is why you can find the lists of 700, 100, or 35 most important artworks in this museum. They say that one has to see them before leaving Vienna.

Come and have a look at the masterpieces of all the collections of the Museum of Art History with me, and you will learn more than just “Artist, Name, Subject”. Would you like to understand why these exact paintings and objects of art are considered to be masterpieces today?

We will find out where the apparent and true genius of the Top 35 Masterpieces resides. You will know whether it is about the technique or the special “atmosphere”. Moreover, we will dwell on the examples of skillful marketing and homages to the established cultural tradition.

You will discover how a 12th century aquamanile (ewer) illustrates the basic criteria for evaluating artistry, why the biography of the Cellini Salt Cellar changed the public attitude to the intangible value of this piece, and what reserve heads can tell us about Ancient Egypt and our ability to interpret artefacts.

During this tour, you will become acquainted with the most prominent works of European art exhibited in the Vienna Museum of Art History and understand how to distinguish that stroke of genius that is so hard to define.


иконка музей искусстваVienna Museum of Art History
(Kunsthistorisches Museum)
All collections
время экскурсии3 hours
иконка группа 11-4
325 € per group
иконка билет 1You can buy museum entrance tickets by yourself or add them to your order

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